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I played this game before on Y8 and i'm happy to see it here, in cuz NOSTALGIA. Game's so accurate, i felt that anxiety

This game encouraged me to walk outside of my house. Really great storytelling! :D

It feels alone to be quarantined but now it's over :)

i spent my entire gameplay cussing at everyone.

Short, but sweet! good stuff :)

Good job!

Really enjoyed this, love your storytelling

Deleted 1 year ago

i'm sorry, how does someone else's anxiety harm you? it seems more like you have the view of an insane person if you think it's okay to say these kinds of things to anyone. and genetic dead end behavior? if you're saying the only reason to live is to reproduce then your life must be pretty sad. the world is a wide place and it's full of all sorts of scary and also beautiful things. instead of going online and playing games you can't relate to or don't like, why don't you spend your time doing something productive towards society? or even just your own mental health, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.


those 3 mins felt like 3 hours, so realistic! good game!!


Whats the name of the soundtrack?

this game is very good I encourage you to keep adding to this game and this is a great representation of what it feels like in the pandemic and Its a very good game overall

I really wanted to try this, but the game kept forcing the camera to continually spin right and I flew up in the air trying to get down the stairs, which landed me right behind the woman at the bottom who you can't get past. It seems like an interesting concept, and I'm glad to hear other people enjoyed it! I just had issues with it. :/

This is an emotional game that puts you into someone else's shoes. It felt frightening (and stressful) just playing it, I can't imagine what it felt like for people in real life who go through this day to day. The '3 minute walk' felt like a really long nightmare. 

Thank you for creating this game and helping me and others understand more about anxiety. It must have been hard for you and for other people who are experiencing that. I hope you're doing better now. And I hope you continue to make games like this <3


I genuinely understand what the game was portraying as someone with bad social anxiety. Thank you, I found it very relatable and fun. The art was very nice


I know this is random but I HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

this was quit  intresting i enjoyed it 100/10 (ps: im so sorry for the people that had to go through this)

Forgot the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes lol


I hate it. 10/10

then why did u play it?????

i gave it a 10/10

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ohhhhh-   ._. but u said "i hate it"-


0-0 wut-


I LOVE THIS STUPID GAMEOisfndiufsh bc kjxmlzkjljcn dbvknjxzikxfn d cbz

Very short game,but it have some atmosphere


ngl this is pretty cringe


Why? What makes this 'cringe'? 

ngl your comment is pretty cringe

Be more specific.

Dommage que le jeu soit si court, c'est vraiment magnifique, j'ai adoré. Ne serait-ce que dans les escaliers l'ambiance est géniale.. à part quelques bugs mineurs, c'est incroyable ! Superbe travail !

surement le meilleur jeu auquel j'ai joué depuis quelques jours.


It was a short but fun game! The way you presented the anxiety when the vignette that occurs when you go next to someone and the red of the sky being a metaphor for dread or something wrong happening was done very creatively! It was an interesting experience and fun to play!

really good game

this was a very fun game! nice job


Amazing, the game is so well made. From the art to the story telling and its all done it such a short time.


I made a song about what us pathetic humans did during the epidemic

umm.. nice work :D


why is no one else wearing a mask >:(. Nice message btw


you people act like this virus is the most dangerous thing in existence. its no worse than the flu.


maybe for you. but for others this virus is life threatening with no cure and insensitive people like you are part of the reason their lives are in danger because it inconveniences you. its people like you that say "all lives matter" or claim to be pro life but only when its convenient for you. all this shows how selfish you are. maybe its time to start looking at something besides yourself.


im not being selfish, i just see the holes through it and how people are blowing it out of proportion


and i never said all lives matter. in my opinion, no lives matter.


68 thousand people have died from covid SIXTY EIGHT THOUSAND 


very cool

Depends on the person; I'm 20, so I'm not connected with many at-risk people. Compare that to my parents around 50 years old, and they know at least one person who died. My father has tons of overweight friends, so it's not surprising.


You did an amazing job at capturing the anxiety most of us feel during this pandemic. Great Job!

good game


great game, pretty good at replicating the anxiety i feel around others. love the graphics and sound!

Nice little game! Loved the art style

i love it. the only thing you could add would probably be to navigate other apartments

10/10 great game


Kind of cringe tbh.


"and they hated the lord, for he spoke the truth"


Guys, these dislikes are giving me such bad anxiety right now. Don't you monsters care about other's mental health, or just the people who agree with you? :(

America is designed for voting; that's Democracy. Finding what the majority of people agree on is the whole point. You can have your own safe space, but forcing safety on other people will start a civil war.

i enjoyed this game and thought it was really well done cant wait for more games. no commentary because i feel like the video is better without it. 

anxiety be like

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