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this but for the past 5 years starting when I was ten and I kinda want to dissapear without dying.

This game hit hard, thank you for allowing people to hear about this

Thank you for making this

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why would you even say that?

beautiful game, i hope u are feeling better <3

from the deepest parts of my hearth I give you my thanks, I am grateful to have stumbled upon something such as this.

needed this message, it has been hard these days but we got this and we will get through this. i wish for everyone's happiness, including mine. sending loves and prayers to anyone who needs it. 

beautiful game with a wonderful message. 


Mental Health is important! Game here:

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thank you

Really calm atmosphere,a super passive BGM, and a brief but meaningful experience. I loved it!

This game is sad and beautiful, thank you, and please remember that there is always someone there for u <3

beautiful game about hard times. you are not alone <3




it feels nice to know im not alone. stay stong<3


this game was truly beautiful and hit very hard. I'm currently at this stage in my life, if you'd call it a stage, and it's certainly a warming sense of solidarity to know that someone else at the very least knows or remembers the feeling. thank you for this. I really and truly appreciate this. <3 I hope you are well.


such a beautiful story and i enjoyed the ambience of the game! congrats on creating this wonderful piece and hope ur doing well <3 

for someone who also had a similar problem to whats presented in the game i have to say, i just want to hug you.

would be a cool full game if you ever decide to make one loved it <333

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Too relatable. Well done!

quite a nice story but i feel like the pixelation shader combimed with that atmosphere would make for a good game


nice story and stuff but i liked to have some gameplay you know but pretty cool :)

Definitely made me think. Thank you for sharing your story!

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awesome game, you got this

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This game had such a beautiful messege. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story to others. Keep up the great work! 


This Game Is The Second Gameplay Of The Video! I LOVED The Message In This Game! KEEP GOING GUYZ!

thank you so much for sharing! this gave me chills. truly powerful

hope you are feeling better.. <3


Thank you for creating this thought-provoking game and having the courage to speak out about it. I was in a similar situation too last year during the pandemic. There are so many people who are or was in the same boat who may not be able to voice their experiences and feelings but this game gives them a voice and raises awareness about this issue. 

I'm proud of you for hanging on through the storm and I'm proud of you for being here. You are an amazing person, you deserve all the love and support you need and you matter. I hope you're doing well and wish you all the best in life.

Keep on going, take care and remember to look after yourself <3


This made me cry at the end when i realized what i was walking to i looked behind me in the game and back to it and i said awww and put my hand over my mouth and cried and as i tapped it and saw the words and read it i was like wow i got on pills when the thoughts grew so big that i was not afraid that the thought actually made me happy that  despite having people here the pain so great that no pain than what youre feeling now can hurt than going.

I hope your doing better now.

Damn, hope you are feeling better. Impactful stuff, especially considering it’s a true story. You did a great job at marrying mechanics to story and the entire thing gave me Edith Finch vibes.

Short but good atmospheric and psychological game

Thank you for sharing your story and being brave enough to express your experiences in a creative way. I hope things are better on your side. 10/10

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Great and deep game.