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EDEN SEED is a game that pushes narrative boundaries. As a result, content in this experience may be prohibitively disturbing for some. It is not seeking to forward an agenda or shame anyone, only tell a story of true horror. The kind we inflict on each other. 

Player discretion is advised.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Horror, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Great game, but has a big issue in my opinion. The game is way too stingy with save points. When I finished chapter 3 I thought I would save and go to bed. Check around the tent at the start of chapter 4. No sleeping bags? No prompt to save at the end/start of a chapter? Instead I played through the majority of the mansion (a place you'd think there would be some beds) and just got frustrated, minimized and muted the game (it doesn't pause the sound when unfocused) until the next day.

The stingy save spots is also frustrating at parts where there's chasers. Sometimes you get caught and then are forced to re-watch cutscenes that can't be skipped. Sometimes you can watch a cutscene and run back to the save to circumvent this, but other times backtracking isn't possible.

Something that I feel is greatly missing from the game is flavor text. The game is beautiful and you want to explore every nook and cranny, but there's usually no reward for that. It would be nice to be able to walk up to objects and get some sort of text. It helps flesh out the world and could possibly add some more lore, levity, or horror in some exploration stretches. 

Despite these negative points I think it's a good game. The atmosphere, story, and music is top notch and it scratches that horror RPG itch that only few games actually reach. If the things I mentioned, along with the bugs were addressed I would think it's a perfect game.

Bugs I've noticed:

-A lot of the enemies will get stuck and stop moving making them no longer a threat.
-In the front room of the Hospital you can walk through both of the reception desks.
-In the mansion the end tables have too big of hitboxes one space above them. It's extra obvious when they are next to couches that you can walk behind, but not the tiny end tables.

I played this game awhile ago and it had an interesting story.

But there were some bugs with the battle system where the enemies didn't hurt me because for some reason they couldn't touch me.

But the level design is top notch and it's fun to play. The music adds to the atmosphere and the story telling is also good. I recommend this game for people looking for a fun time.

So is this just a demo version, or is the paid copy the full game?

The full game has more levels.


Awesome. Thanks mate. :)

I downloaded the demo and I really love the way you made this game. The sounds effects, music, the pretty maps...it's all awesome. I didn't make it far in the game though. I couldn't get past one of the "monsters" so I had to leave the game and I don't wish to start over.

You should make it possible to save the game and you should make sure the monsters don't block the player completely. 

I loved the game, it's just a shame that I didn't make it so far.

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Hi! I'm currently playing your game and it is good thus far. Very reminiscent of Silent Hill. I am at the mansion rn, but for some reason, 


I can't seem to open the secret door to the leftmost side of the 1st floor. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

EDIT: Nvm, I found it! Thank you for making this game free for Halloween. :D

Loved this game. 9/10 (There is an annoying bug that prevents to score it 10/10)

There is a bug on the Mac where after you arrive at the mansion and try to go back the games lags a lot to the point I have to quit the app and restart it.

Let me tell you this was awesome. The story gets predictable at times but at the same time learning and decipher the story and symbols feels very rewarding.


Im sorry..for claiming this.


You did an amazing jobs with your maps. They look great! Your pacing is decent and the music feels eerie and adds to the atmosphere. The little "jumpscares" are well placed and your use of lighting is awesome. Also: The rapid movement of the swirly-face entity gave me chills!!!

I'd like to suggest that you add a pause to the constant breathing noise in the shadows, otherwise it gets annoying. I've also had the problem that one of the walkers was stuck in front of an exit which was pretty hard to solve without restarting. 

Maybe you could use a name box for the characters instead? I constantly read the name of the character again because it showed in the first row of every dialoge, instead in a seperate name box.

Keep up the good work.


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?