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Great game and I think does a decent job depicting anxiety during the pandemic.


Art was cool. keep it up.

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Love the sound design! Great premise.

short and sweet

The music was amazing!


I felt like a weight lifted off of my chest when the car door closed. You accurately recreated what I've felt dealing with anxiety.

This Game was Good But wish it was Longer

nice game


this was interesting to say the least, a very straight forward task and idea just exacted differently

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thats some good music at the en


very well done game, but personally the mouse sensitivity was too high


good but things like having to grab your mask when its a bunch of pixels on your bed stand and not the stand at your door is annoying. the lead up to the elevator and stairs could have been communicated better like you did with the light over the car which was clever. but overall it was pretty decent. looking forward to your latter work

really cool game!


very interesting but wtf

very fun game!!!

I'm OBSESSED with the music! The studio was pretty cute too! Wow, that's incredibly powerful to put your feelings in a video game version to show other people what others may not experience. Thanks for making the game!

great game! 4.5 stars

Hey, can I get the music list?


Where is the music used in this game from? It carries so much of the emotional tone and I loved the calm/serene tune.


Flourish - Purple Cat


thank you! this is exactly what i am looking for


i really loved the game, the art, the music, the concept, the whole thing is amazing :)

Great concept i really enjoyed it, and the music choice was exceptional, keep up the good work


Thanks for this game, I believe it does a great job at showing a glimpse of how going out feels right now to me - I have OCD and one of my main habits is cleanliness, so going outside feels exactly like this, like everyone around is breathing intoxicating gas, it's something that's hard to describe but with games we can really embody other perspectives so it becomes easier to show these lived-in experiences.

I hope this inspires other games that showcase this complex silent baggage a lot of people hold but aren't able to talk about.

Good video games on HTML5. It likes 2020


I Never thought about the pandemic from this perspective. I mean, I hated when people didn't wear their mask, but I didn't know it caused genuine fear. Thank you so much for providing me with this game

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ha im not scared of covid 190000000 its all baloney

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Dude, think of it this way. The fear cased in this game? The panic attacks the main character was clearly experiencing? That was all caused because some idiots had the supreme arrogance that they didn't have to wear a mask(which in most areas is illegal), and decided that hanging around the halls during a pandemic spread via aerosol was a brilliant idea.

Even if you think that COVID is somehow fake after everything that happened and is still happening, at least have the common decency to not be like the pathetic, prideful pieces of feces that litter this game, and wear a mask.

P.S. I'm pretty sure you are a troll, and didn't even play the game, but I figured I might as well stop the "COVID isn't real" crowd from jumping in. Also, if the only reason you're doing this for is attention and you aren't an actual COVID-denier, you might wanna find a more productive way of doing that? Or at least, one that isn't going to encourage COVID-deniers from pulling their anti-masker/anti-vaxxer bullcrap, y'know?

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yeah they probably are a troll

Pretty sure it can't be illegal if a bill doesn't become a law. Corona is still real, but only negatively affects a small percentage of people.

A "small percentage" in a pandemic is a lot bigger than it seems.

This game makes feel agoraphobic ngl, 

Very good game

I got scared by the distortion of the faces XD Other than that, this is actually a really accurate representation of health anxiety, I felt exactly like this a few years ago... and unsurprisingly now too >_> My health anxiety actually went away for a few years UNTIL covid came.

Anyways, I'd give 7.5/10 for this game, cos it was a bit too short for me.

Very fun game that I had a TON of fun playing and recording!


stunning! the distortion of the faces really amplified the fear factor!!

cool game

totally amazing game!

This Game is Amazing...

now if only my computer let me play it.



good gam ewgive it a 7/10


As a person who has struggled every day with the effects of the pandemic in a personal level, I can only say THANK YOU FOR THIS!!

At the start, I never thought things would be so hard on me when talking about a virus. I took care of me and all but after a year, things got really hard for me, specially with the side effects on the brain, which is why I can relate in every way with this little (but important) project. I can only say thank you for this and hope everything gets better soon for all of us.

Gravei uma gameplay legendada :)

Great music, great art and NICE game. 


Really nice atmosphere. The pixel art filter on the 3D was a really nice aesthetic choice. Along with the way the people's faces morphed. Really cool style that I hope you adapt into a longer form gate and/or experiment with more!

Great job!


Amazing you created a truly thrilling mood and of course capture the anxiety affect. You have taught me something about making a horror experience. great job!

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